William Kristol: ‘Manly Man’

Harvard professor and conservative author Harvey Mansfield recently published a book called “Manliness.” Some gems from Mansfield, collected by

As the weaker sex…women are “not in a position to ask for something directly. They’re either obliged to smile a lot and persuade, or make a scene.”

“To resist rape a woman needs more than martial arts and more than the police; she needs a certain ladylike modesty enabling her to take offense at unwanted encroachment.”

“In my experience it is difficult for a man who is attracted to a woman not to find her cute, rather than intimidating, when she gets angry.”


In a new interview with HumanEventsOnline, Mansfield was asked about fellow neoconservative William Kristol:

QUESTION: You’ve taught both William Kristol and Andrew Sullivan. Would you say that Bill Kristol is a manly man?

MANSFIELD: Yes, I would very much, and so is Andrew. To do what Andrew Sullivan has done takes a lot of courage. He came out of the closet, which was kind of a manly act. And he has been one of the first and one of the most successful bloggers. And there he takes his own path, no doubt influenced by his sexuality, but still full of reason and emphasis.

Not surprisingly, Mansfield says the “most manly politician today” is George W. Bush, who is “bold and determined, two manly qualities.”