Win a DVD: Stonyfield Features Carbon Nation on Its Yogurt Lids

Carbon Nation is a terrific documentary, perhaps the best ever on climate solutions.

It is coming out on DVD in August. You can pre-order it here. And you can enter (before June 30th) to win one of 100 DVDs that will be given away by Stonyfield Farm here.

Gary Hirshberg, President and CE-Yo of Stonyfield Farm, explains why they partnered with the film and promoted it on their lids:

Stonyfield Farm chose to partner with Carbon Nation and to appear in the film because a large part of our mission is to protect and restore the planet. We believe that every person can be a climate activist, and that being green can also mean being profitable. We need to make changes now so that future generations can enjoy clean air, water and soil. This movie offers us hope that this is not only possible, but utterly achievable.

Can’t argue with that.

You can see the film trailer — which I’m not entirely thrilled with — here:

True, the film doesn’t focus on global warming, but it does make clear that it is in fact happening and humans are the cause. I doubt many people who don’t accept climate science will go to a movie titled Carbon Nation, no matter how it is marketed.


What makes the movie worth seeing is the personality-driven stories, like the one-armed wind developer. The tone and pacing are quite breezy, so I’m confident you will both learn something and enjoy the movie.

I did get to see some early cuts of the movie and offered them a few suggestions. The movie is a success because of the vision of Director Peter Byck, and his decision to focus on winning stories.

For more information, go to the website, where you’ll see many other positive reviews.