Wire References Bring Us All Together

I’m not the biggest Jonah Goldberg fan in the world, but how can you not like his introduction to his BHTV segment with Ross Douthat:

I, a bleary-eyed not quite elder-statesman (mid-level staffer?) of the rightwing interwebs, disoriented from long nights on the road, cold medication and excessive spirits the night before. He, a clear-eyed young Turk, brimming with excitement and fresh ideas. Together, you get the sort of entertainment unheard of outside C-Span III at four in the morning. It’s like Marlo v. Barksdale, Obama v. McCain, a new weird Green Lantern character versus an old weird Green Lantern character.


I think if Barack Obama really wants to bring the country together, he needs to incorporate as many Wire references as possible into his inaugural address. It’s a new day for the United States of America!