Wisconsin and the Rules

KK writes:

As a staunch supporter of changing the filibuster and the elections have consequences front, wouldn’t now be an excellent time to for you to say, I think the Wisconsin Gov is completely wrong but they the votes so we should stop playing games by blocking this legislation. If this is as bad as you (and I) think it is, then Walker will get booted next election and Governor Feingold can reinstate union rights.

I think the idea that believing the rules should be changed commits you to the view that someone should unilaterally disarm is nutty. I haven’t made a study of Wisconsin parliamentary procedures, but if there’s a case for changing them then the argument would be that the process should be changed. As long as procedure is what it is, then people should use it.

For the record, though, I think what’s happening in Wisconsin is more like a “classic” filibuster than a modern-style routine supermajority. The Democratic caucus of the State Senate can’t hold out forever, nor can they pull this every time Governor Walker proposes a bill they don’t like. What they can do is slow things down and try to see if public opinion swings around to their side.