Wisconsin GOP State Senator Admits Union Fight Is ‘Absolutely’ About 2012

For weeks, Wisconsin Republicans have been insisting that the anti-union bill they abruptly passed through the state Senate last night has nothing to do with busting unions or politics, but is all about doing what is necessary to balance the state’s budget. But as ThinkProgress reported, Wisconsin state Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) admitted yesterday that he sees an electoral payoff, telling Fox News that by breaking the state’s public employee unions, the GOP can make it “much more difficult” for President Obama to win Wisconsin in 2012. On Fox & Friends this morning, his fellow Republican state Sen. Randy Hopper also tipped his hand a bit, saying the White House must be behind in the pro-union protests because everyone knows this is about 2012:

HOST: If the White House is involved and big labor is involved, would that say to you that they’re trying to make this an issue for 2012?

HOPPER: I think there’s absolutely no question that this is an issue for 2012. People from Organizing for America have been running the protests in Madison for quite some time now. And I think that there’s no question that the president has some involvement in this, I don’t know what. But listen, we need what’s in the best interest for the working people of Wisconsin, and that’s what we’ve done.

Watch it:


A new poll shows that majorities support the recall of two of Wisconsin’s GOP senators. Three Republicans would need to be recalled in order to flip control of the chamber.