With 60 Percent Disapproval, DeLay Says Constituents Are ‘Very, Very Supportive’

In an interview to be aired tonight on “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” Tom DeLay tells Chris that his constituents are “very, very supportive” of his candidacy. “They know what Ronnie Earle is “” a runaway district attorney who is abusing his power, indicting me on laws that don’t exist,” DeLay said. “The backlash is in my favor.”

A recent Houston Chronicle poll tells a different story. DeLay is in political hot water:

A criminal indictment and continuing investigations have severely eroded support for U.S. Rep Tom DeLay in his district”¦ Only half of those who cast ballots for DeLay in 2004 said they will do so again. And while a fourth of the 2004 DeLay voters still aren’t sure whom they will vote for this year, almost 20 percent have defected to other candidates [“¦]

DeLay may be able to win back the undecided voters, but he starts with the disadvantage of a 60 percent unfavorable rating in the district he has represented for 20 years. Only 28 percent view him favorably, according to the poll.


You have to hand it to DeLay. He sure is an optimist.