With Mary Cheney Pregnant, Bush Won’t Say Whether He Still Opposes Gay Adoption

As a presidential candidate in 1999, Bush stated his unequivocal opposition to gay adoption. From the AP, 3/23/99:

Bush said he opposes allowing gay couples to adopt. “I believe children ought to be adopted in families with a woman and a man who are married,” he said Monday.

The governor also declined to take a position on whether children already adopted by gays or lesbians should be removed from those homes. “I have no idea whether the children ought to be removed or not removed,” he said. “The question is whether I’m for gay adoption. And the answer is, I’m not.”

Then Mary Cheney, Vice President Cheney’s daughter, got pregnant. The child will be raised by Mary Cheney and her partner Heather Poe. ABC News asked the White House “over and over, if the President, as he declared in 1999, still opposed same sex couples adopting children.” The White House would not answer.


Here’s what Bush had to say a few days ago to People Magazine:

The Vice President took me aside and gave me the good news. He and his wife, Lynne, are very happy for Mary I think Mary is going to be a loving soul to her child. And I’m happy for her.

There must be something about Mary.