World exclusive* video premier: Simulating and stimulating climate hope

If you want a stirring stemwinder on climate action, here it is.

The speaker is my good friend Drew Jones, coauthor of this guest blog post (“Only the most ambitious emissions reductions under discussion within UNFCCC can achieve climate goals”).

As you’ll see, Drew took to heart my earlier “Advice to a young climate blogger [and public speaker]: Always use WWII metaphors.

*Technically, this can’t be the world premiere since the video is online. But Drew has withheld posting it anywhere else so this is the official non-YouTube world premiere.


I’m not quite as optimistic as Drew is in this talk, but more good news keeps coming from key countries like China, India, and Japan. I am going to launch a multipart series on this important topic this week.

For more of Drew’s work, click here.