World Resources Institute for Global Mitigation

The World Resources Institute (WRI), a well-respected environmental think tank, has made some informative additions to recent conversations about climate change.

Particularly in light of the IPCC’s release on the Mitigation of Climate Change on in May, China and the U.S. have come under fire for their pact against the climate, consisting of greenhouse gas intensity targets rather than absolute emissions reductions. WRI has analyzed both country’s commitments (China, U.S.) to reduce GHG intensity and concludes that it’s almost surely a counterproductive policy.

WRI examines an alternative in one of its recent publications, Scaling Up: Global Technology Deployment to Stabilize Emissions. The report’s synopsis is that it is “an analysis of ways to promote the policy and market structures for deploying low-carbon technologies to mitigate climate change.”

And if you haven’t had a chance to check out how they’ve eco- renovated their office space, there’s a PDF report of their design worth exploration.