Yes, Mr. Kristol, That’s A Crime

Bill Kristol has run out of spin for Bush administration officials involved in the leak scandal. Today on Fox News Sunday:

Scooter Libby or Karl Rove are going to be judged criminals for perhaps acknowledging her name, perhaps knowing, though there’s no evidence they did, that she was a covert operative…That’s a crime?

Yes, outing a covert CIA operative is a crime. So is obstruction of justice and perjury.

Kristol had a similar defense for Tom DeLay:


Tom DeLay is not a criminal”¦Are we seriously going to pretend that shuffling hard and soft money around which hundreds of politicians have done over the last two decades, before McCain-Feingold was enacted [is a crime]?

Actually, McCain-Feingold is irrelevant. DeLay is being prosecuted under Texas law. And under Texas law funneling corporate dollars into state races is a crime.

If this is the best Kristol has got, things must be really bad.